Carolina Woods & Water - North Carolina Hunting Land

Our 15,000 acres have approximately 5,400 acres of cleared land that are prime North Carolina deer hunting locations. Our other 9,600 acres consists of hardwood ridges, swamp bottoms, young cut-over's and pine thickets.

Throughout these 15,000 acres you will find cleared lanes, as well as many small deer food plots. In our deer food plots you will find a natural mix of soybeans, clover, wheat, and rye. In the areas where there are no food plots, there will be loose corn as well as corn feeders. If you've never experienced deer hunting Eastern NC with its flatlands, tall trees, and beautiful sunrises and sunsets, we invite you to do just that with us.  We offer the best deer hunting in North Carolina.

North Carolina Deer Hunting Stands

We pride ourselves on our NC deer hunting stands, not only the quality but also the hunting location. Our deer stands consist of metal box deer blinds ranging from 8' to 16' in height. We also have tripods, ground blinds, and ladder deer stands all of metal. Each deer stand will either be boxed in or camouflaged to adequately disguise your movement. We spend the entire off season scouting and preparing each and every one of our deer stand locations. Each deer stand places you in a location where you have the very best opportunity to harvest a North Carolina whitetail deer.