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NC Deer Hunting Season
North Carolina's deer hunting season is here! Take a look at our blog to see some of the best whitetail deer hunting in NC!

Carolina Woods & Water Welcome

Dear Potential Client,

Our staff at Carolina Woods and Water is looking forward to a great year of North Carolina deer hunting in 2014. Our 15,000 acres of hunting land is being scouted and prepared to ensure a memorable deer hunt for you and your party. Last year we averaged 2.35 deer per hunter, harvesting a total of 345 deer. Our deer hunters average seeing 5-10 deer per day. We have over 200 metal tower and tripod deer stands placed in highly productive areas. We also have over 60 bow stands specifically set up for archery. We have 4 large management blocks, 3 of them are 8 point or better NC whitetail deer and 1, our newest property "Jurassic Park" as clients have named it, has a 120" minimum. This deer hunting property has been under very strict management for years, and we hope to continue harvesting exceptional whitetail deer for our area. We also have 37 NC deer hunting properties that are in non-management, "BROWN IT'S DOWN" zones, meaning anything goes. These hunting properties range in size from 50-500 acres.

A typical NC deer hunt with Carolina Woods & Water, you will hunt half your deer hunt on non-management property and the other half on deer management. We hunt the 120" at least once a week, so everyone gets an opportunity if they choose to hunt deer in this area. NO ONE has to hunt the 120" area if they choose not to. There will be 1 NC deer hunting guide per 4-5 hunters. Our hunting guides will take you out in the morning at least 30 minutes before light and return around 10:30 to pick you up. You will have lunch and a little down time before your afternoon deer hunt. We will take you out approximately 4 hours before dark and return after dark to pick you up. Our facilities are here for you to clean your own deer, or you can relax and have your hunting guide do it for $30.00.

We at Carolina Woods & Water understand there are a lot of North Carolina deer hunting options out there for people to choose from. We will strive to give you the best NC deer hunt possible. We are a fair chase operation, no high fences, therefore weather and wild animals make it impossible to guarantee your success at taking a North Carolina whitetail deer. However, we do hold a 98% oppmiunity rate and 87% success rate with all weapons, including bow, when deer hunting. We also enjoy an 85% rebooking rate every year for our high quality North Carolina deer hunts. These percentages have held true for all 11 years we have been in the deer hunting business. We hope that you will give us the opportunity to make you part of the family and hunt with us this year and many more years to come.

Yours in the Outdoors,

Carolina Woods & Water Staff